New Orleans Functional Medicine Health Coach Nancy Adams
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Benefits of Health Coaching

Look and feel your best with natural and long-lasting changes that put you on your path to optimal health


Enhance your sleep so you can regenerate and burn fat. Build habits that let you wake feeling refreshed and energized. Quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy life and weight loss.


Discover what foods work best for your body. Begin to enjoy meals that are delicious, nutritive, and can lead to weight loss. Real food is what your body needs for health. Find convenient ways to add more real food and less junk food into your life.


Build lasting exercise habits that enhance your health and well-being. Add regular movement throughout your day. Learn how to use food to enhance your ability to exercise and move.

Stress Management

Do you eat to manage stress and then become more stressed about weight gain? Break that cycle by becoming equipped to manage stress through healthy eating and exercise. Experience mind-body techniques that allow you to transform your reactions to stressful events. Shift your attitude to positive optimism.


People need social support to thrive. Transform your relationships so they empower you in your quest for health. Find ways family or friends can become a more positive influence in your life.

Lose Weight

Don’t lose weight to get healthy; get healthy to lose weight. Most lifestyle choices affect your weight. Reducing calories is not the answer. Taking charge of your health is.

Nancy’s science-based coaching is founded on functional medicine, functional nutrition principles, and mind-body techniques, supporting you in looking and feeling your best.
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Meet Nancy


Nancy made the transition to health coach after years in education and raising three children. Starting her career as an elementary teacher, her goal was to improve the daily lives of the children she taught. Later, she earned a doctorate in education so that she could broaden her influence and teach future teachers to do the same. As a mother, her focus is on improving the chances for her children to have a happy, healthy life.


Now, after working to overcome her own health issues, Nancy has shifted her focus to helping others improve their health. She focuses on weight because that is the most obvious signal that health needs improving, as she has learned through personal experience. She studies the work of a variety of functional medicine doctors and experts to provide you with the best, custom coaching.

Latest Health Tips & Recipes

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Nancy is here to help you achieve your long-term health and weight goals.