Coaching Benefits with Health Coach Nancy Adams
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Several convenient ways to work with Nancy towards your health & wellness goals

Do You Suffer From Any Of The Following:



Brain fog

Digestive issues


Skin conditions

Aches & pains

Low mood

Are You Looking For A Custom, Longterm Solution Rather Than A Quick Fix?

Excess weight is often a major clue that your health is out of balance.


Nancy does not offer a weight loss program. She offers health coaching that will leave you healthy, energized, focused, and moving toward a healthy weight. With her guidance, you can alter the unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices that lead to weight gain.


Weight loss programs do not address your health, only your weight. Often such programs may take weight off quickly, but only temporarily as your health is impaired in the process. Take back your health, and take control of your weight.


Has your doctor told you to lose weight? Health coaching can help you follow your doctor’s orders.  Coaching is not treating disease, practicing medicine, or diagnosing.  Rather, you receive support for lifestyle change that can bring optimum health and weight.

Coaching is NOT nagging, lecturing, or prescribing.


Nancy has the patience, knowledge, and skills to guide you on your own individualized, personalized path toward a life of energy, vitality, and focus.


Nancy hears your concerns and helps you find strategies that work for you, such as a mind-body technique, a food to try, an article to read, or a breathing exercise.


You will be the ultimate authority on the changes you make in your life. Nancy will  help you remove barriers to establishing the healthy habits that resonate with you.


Nancy will keep all your information confidential. With your permission, she can communicate with your doctor.

Ways to work with me

Video Chat


In Person

Plans to fit your budget & schedule

Student Coach Special--EXTENDED!
  • One Session

  • $25
    • 50 minute one-on-one session
    • Follow up email tailored to your needs
    • Get a taste of coaching with Nancy
    • Add more sessions for best results
    • Book now before this Student Coach Special expires

Student Coach Special – Best Deal
  • Ten Sessions

  • $200
    • Your best choice for lasting change
    • 50 minute sessions scheduled weekly or as needed
    • Try one session for $25, add 9 more for $175
    • Explore all your health needs in depth
    • Book now before this Student Coach Special expires

3 Sessions per Month with the 10th Free!
  • Monthly Payment Plan

  • $299/mo
    • Regular price (after Student Coach Special expires)
    • Payable monthly, or every 3 sessions
    • For a taste of coaching, first session is $99
    • Tenth session is free!
    • For even greater savings, pay $850 in advance for all 10 sessions

Receive $5 off your next session when you refer a friend

Contact Nancy for a free intro phone call

In a 15 minute call, share your story and get a customized tip from Nancy. Complete New Client Form and Personal Symptoms before the phone call.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Tzu